About Wilkins Family Medicine

Who We Are

Wilkins Family Medicine is the leading provider of patient-centered primary care services-including preventive and curative care, wellness, self management, health coaching and chronic disease management—for individuals of all ages across the health continuum.

Drawing on nearly four decades of experience, our team of healthcare providers works collaboratively with all of our patients in a supportive environment that fosters achievement of high-level health and wellness.

We Are A Patient Centered Medical Home - Find Out WhyWe provide high quality primary care for infants, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Our team is comprised of physicians, nurse educators, health coaches and wellness experts all trained at leading institutions throughout the United States.

Wilkins Family Medicine—Your Home for Exceptional Preventive & Curative Care.

Core Values and Beliefs

At Wilkins Family Medicine we operate under a system of guiding principles and tenets. These Core Values best define our philosophy of business and life and we consider them to be enduring.

We are in service to Our Patients and believe they are at the Center. Thus, we hold the following values at our core:

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A steward takes care of something that belongs to someone else. The health of our patient’s belongs to them, not us. Thus, when we care to the health of a patient we accept a huge responsibility and must put their best interests first. We hold ourselves to the single standard of stewardship for the best interests of the patients we serve, even if it appears to run counter to our own.


Every person is entitled to excellent medical care and should expect their healthcare providers to possess global experience, expertise and judgment. We demand our providers to provide competent advice and responsible treatment. Equally, they should expect the support staff—both clinical and administrative—to be credible and consistent.


Trust is one of the missing elements in our healthcare system; yet, data continues to support the fact that those individuals who trust their healthcare provider achieve better outcomes. We promote candor, believe there is power in speaking the unvarnished truth and proceed as if "in the sunshine." Our patients deserve nothing less than absolute trustworthiness.


Compassion simply refers to the caring shown by the provider and staff towards the patient. Our patients are not here to serve us; rather we have entered the practice of medicine and delivery of care to serve them. When we hire people to work at Wilkins Family Medicine, we first and foremost look for those who have a "Servant's Heart." At the end of the day, the differentiator is the 'heart.'